Sandy Aime Calecer
I saw that one coming.


Sandy Calecer





Index Number



Researcher, Artifact Inventory, Artifact Recovery, Town Psychic

Previous Occupation

Psychic Consultant in Montana

Area of Expertise

Seeing Future Events, Emotional Energy, History


Life Before the WarehouseEdit

Sandy has never had much of a taste for the typical.

Born in Havasu but mostly raised in Helena, Montana, Sandy has fascinated (and irritated) friends and family alike with his odd sense in just about everything, from music to style to beliefs. But what really tripped people's triggers was the fact that the ever-polite young boy would always say "Bless you" before someone sneezed, greet someone before they entered a room, and, once, called the Psychic Hotline to say, "I know!"

As he grew, Sandy decided to put his gift to good use, and started a small Psychic Consultant booth at a local fair. It was there that he realized that most of his predictions were the result of a powerful 'guessing' ability - essentially, "I saw that one coming." He is VERY good at Clue, if you hadn't guessed. Though every once in a while he manages to foretell something entirely off the beat of his surroundings.

When Sandy came across his first artifact, it was Milky White, the cow prop used in the Broadway musical Into the Woods, whilst at the Preforming Arts Center of Helena. Drawn into the artifact's effects, it was up to Warehouse personnel Bering and Lattimer to save him and other afflicted people. However, Sandy was able to help Myka and Pete when he took a gamble on turning the town hall's clock backwards - it's a long story. Suffice to say, Sandy's proven abilities and aware status about Artifacts prompted Mrs. Frederic to add him to the team. When Mrs. Frederic appeared in his apartment that night, he only looked at her, looked at her bodyguard, and promptly said, "I'll get packing."


Sandy spends most of his time providing support for agents in the field, having found a place in archiving and research. He has proven incredibly adept at keeping track of artifact information, and alongside Claudia and Artie has been working on improving the artifact detection parameters to expand upon patterns that he himself has been taking note of.

When actually out in the field, Sandy is often distracted or spacey, but has a good relationship with his fellow agents as he often spots things previously missed. Integral to a few key artifact retrieval reports, Sandy may be more comfortable from his perch in the Warehouse office, but knows how hold his own when placed in new situations.

Artifact UsageEdit

Sandy uses a Tesla Gun when necessary, and has a strong affection for it, but has used Bill Wattersons' Transmogrifier Gun whenever he can and it is his preferred firearm. Recently, he has become interested in the Tesla-rival, the Sabine.  Recently, Claudia was able to get her hands on the original blueprints and came out with a Sniper Rifle and Shotgun varient, one of which he was given to him.


  • Sandy can be a shameless flirt when he wants to be, especially when he's in a good mood. He and H.A.R.P. agent Nikki Nola share this trait, and ever since her incident in Australia, has tried to adjust how he flirts to fit her mood.
  • Sandy tends to be dramatic and wax poetic with his words, which can irritate many people very quickly.
  • Sandy attempts to be the diplomatic one of the Warehouse Agents, attempting to find solutions to problems that can crop up between co-workers - however, he often fails to realize when his attempts to find compromise are unnecessary.

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