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Agent Stall's Stainless Steel Casio Watch

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Agent Stall's Stainless Steel Casio Watch

Original Owner/Creation Event

Agent Stall




When worn it creates a shield around the front of the user which blocks all physical attacks.


Since it only protects the front, people can still hit from behind.


Wearing the watch, then holding that arm up and clenching the hand into a fist.

Collected By

Mr. Stall


Agent Closet





Date of Collection



This watch was bought by Mr. Stall awhile ago, it was only a few years back did it become an artifact. What happened was one night at a bar Mr. Stall was just getting a few drinks when a fight broke out. One man began to beat the other aggressively, pummeling the other man to the ground, then the guy began to reach for a chair to break over the person on the floor. In that moment Agent Stall rushed in and crouched in front of the person on the floor, raising the arm that had the watch on above his head. Stall took the blunt force of the chair, and the attacker did it a few times in anger despite being told to stop. Suddenly on the fourth strike the chair seemed to shatter on Stall's arm, but it did not hurt him, instead the Agent could see a faint blue glow as the chair fell to pieces, and this moment gave him a chance to tackle the attacker to the ground, where he was kept until the police came.


Mr. Stall  keeps the watch on him despite it being entered into the database. He made it clear he would join the warehouse and allow them to put the information about the watch into the database as long as he could keep it as it is his personal artifact.

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