Alvin C. York's .45 Colt Automatic Pistol


Alvin York/WW1/Decauville rail-line in France




When in one's possession the luck and marksman skills of the individual increase to that of York's; so bullets cannot hit them and they can easily hit anyone they fire upon.


The person will not want to strike another being after they are done for s short period.


Being in possession of the pistol.

Collected by

Mr. Stall


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection




Under the command of Sergeant Bernard Early, four non-commissioned officers, including recently promoted Cpl. York, and thirteen privates were ordered to infiltrate behind the German lines to take out the machine guns. The group worked their way behind the Germans and overran the headquarters of a German unit, capturing a large group of German soldiers who were preparing a counter-attack against the U.S. troops.

German First Lieutenant Paul Jürgen Vollmer, commander of the First Battalion, 120th Landwehr Infantry, emptied his pistol trying to kill York while he was contending with the machine guns. Failing to injure York, and seeing his mounting losses, he offered in English to surrender the unit to York, who accepted. By the end of the engagement, York and his seven men marched 132 German prisoners back to the American lines. His actions silenced the German machine guns and were responsible for enabling the 328th Infantry to renew its attack to capture the Decauville Railroad.


Mr. Stall was sent by Artie to snag the pistol from a WW1 museum. So it was a simple snag-and-tag mission, which Mr. Kipling was able to do with the help of his key to sneak in and sneak back out.

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