Greetings everybody, welcome to our Weekly Artifact Auction! Here we have the finest artifacts up for bidding, sold through the Artifact Roadshow. New arrivals and old favorites constantly appear throughout each auction. Our system is easy to master and similar to other institutions, but with a twist. Instead of the highest dollar amount winning an artifact, the best effects will win ownership.

Simply put, interested bidders must place forwards an effect (and sometimes origin) for a showcased artifact. Users may bid multiple times to edit their effects or offer up a completely new set. (Place revisions in bullet point list format with newest versions on top). Bidders may vote for themselves, but it is encouraged to choose the most apt effects. Search the site beforehand to see if it is already mentioned elsewhere to help you create suitable effects, which are marked with an asterisk at the end.

Each poll will be given at least 5-7 days to create suitable effects. Afterwards the voting system for each artifact will be installed for 3 days time. The user with the most support will gain ownership of said artifact. The particular artifact will be listed as transferred and the user given ownership (a partially completed page with basic infobx setup). Sold artifacts listing multiple effect(s) will remain on the page until the buyer completes the page; afterwards, it is asked that user then remove.

Users that submit virtually the same effect will be grouped together on the ticket and listed as co-owners if they win. Artifacts that either have no effects submitted or have a majority vote find all listed effects unsuitable, it will be listed as unsold and temporarily taken off the catalogue.

New lots are to be listed every Friday or Saturday, from which users can start the bidding process. On Sunday the winning bidder’s names are released, the starter pages are created and the next set of lots is posted. Signed-in users may submit their own artifacts for listing; however, the auction will only take a total of five user artifacts per week to limit overcrowding. All artifacts provided for sale are unmade red-links without effects. Provided below is a sample auction:

William C. Davidon’s DollyEdit

  • Yoterras88: Removes sensitive documents by embedding it in furniture. Fri
  • KwerinMacLoqk: Directs user towards government secrets. User will feel the need to infiltrate/expose them. Wed
  • Asterix07’Gray: User’s protests against issues will lead them towards unprotected incendiary material that can harm the opponents structure or public image. Sun
    • Steals the most personally valuable and sensitive possessions out of a building when wheeled out an exit. Desire to steal intensifies each time. Thu
    • Lets user see through redacted files. Fri
William C. Davidon’s Dolly

The poll was created at 13:39 on October 14, 2016, and so far 5 people voted.

Week 1 WinnersEdit

William Coffin Coleman's Arc Lantern: Garr9988

Vulcan's Hammer: Prof. Draco

Osiris' Flail: Mr.123

Weeks 2 and 3 WinnersEdit

Simeon Bourgeois' Torpedo Shell: Wilesjeffery2152

Arthur Conan Doyle's Pipe: GunjiBunny

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema’s Glasses: Wilesjeffery2152

Penthesilea's Spear: Mr.123

Preserved Hardtack from the Civil War: Wilesjeffery2152

Pier Gerlofs Donia's Compass: Mr.123

Spirit of St. Louis' Propeller Spinner: Garr9988

Maitreya's Purse: Mr.123

Preston Brooks' Cane: Garr9988

Dorothy Liebes' Ball of Yarn: Garr9988

Père Fouettard's Whip: Garr9988

Week 4 WinnersEdit

Stone from the "Wailing Wall": GunjiBunny

Ferruccio Lamborghini's Ferrari Clutch: GunjiBunny

Zoroaster's Bones: GunjiBunny

Erno Rubik's Box: Mr.123

William James Sidis' Bookcase: Prof. Draco

Ogier The Dane's Shield: Garr9988

Week 5 WinnersEdit

Abraham Ulrikib's Caribou Pelt: Scalec

Frankie Avalon's Suntan Lotion: Scalec

Week 6 and 7 WinnersEdit

Daikoku's Mallet: Garr9988

Wat Tyler's Lance: GunjiBunny

Sandstone Bricks from the Pyramid of Giza: GunjiBunny

John Sutter's Pickaxe: GunjiBunny

House Peters, Jr.'s Mop: GunjiBunny

George Cayley's Coat: GunjiBunny

Ghostbuster Proton Pack: GunjiBunny

Blaise de Vigenere's Inkwell: GunjiBunny

Week 8 WinnersEdit

James Henry Atkinson's Mouse Trap: Garr9988

Anton LeVey's Bible: GunjiBunny

William Murdoch's Boiler: Garr9988

Leatherface's Chainsaw: GunjiBunny

Loukas Notaras’ Turban : Scalec

Steel Girders From Warehouse 12: Scalec

The Wright Brother's Wright Flyer: Scalec

Davy Crockett's Racoon Skin Cap: Scalec

James Cook's Mahiole and Feather Cloak: Mr.123

Thomas Townsend Brown's Gravitator: Mr.123

Louis Vuitton's Suitcase: Garr9988

Richard Chase's Steak Knife: GunjiBunny

Chuck Jones' Glasses: ElsaRules!!!

Week 9 WinnersEdit

Red Clown Nose : GunjiBunny

Bugsy Siegel's Knuckle Dusters :GunjiBunny

Sphinx's Nose and Tablet : ElsaRules!!!

Charles Baudelaire's Second Volume of "Les Fleurs du mal" : GunjiBunny

Lisa del Giocondo's Teeth : Wilesjeffery2152

Lily Tomlin's Rocking Chair : Mr.123

Johnny Depp's Scissor Gloves : Mr.123

Louis Chevrolet's Helmet : Wilesjeffery2152

Loránd Eötvös' Torsion Balance : Mr.123

John Hancock's Quill : ElsaRules!!!

Week 10 WinnersEdit

Original Swear Jar : Mr.123

Orson Welles' Microphone : Wilesjeffery2152

Sputnik's Antenna : Mr.123

The One that Got Away : Prof.Draco

Polybius' Scytale: Wilesjeffery2152

Rock from the Cave of the Winds : GunjiBunny

Dana Scully's Cross Necklace : Mr.123

Kurt Cobain's Sweater: GunjiBunny

Mary Worth's Mirror : GunjiBunny

Saturn V : Mr.123

The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back : GunjiBunny

Week 11 WinnersEdit

Cuchulainn's Post : Mr.123

Phone Booth from the Mojave Desert : Mr.123

René Descartes' Drafting Quill : Mr.123

Jim Robinson's Army Bag : Mr.123

Richard Dadd's Color Wheel : Mr.123 

Francesco Maria Guazzo's Hands of Glory : Tajjas

Tyr's Right Hand : Mr.123

Fort Sumter Cannon Ball : Mr.123

Week 12 WinnersEdit

Jesus Christ's 3 Crucifixion Nails: ElsaRules!!!

Igor Sikorsky's Helicopter: GunjiBunny

Shizou Kakutani's Geometry Set: Mr.123

Headlamp from Dagen H: GunjiBunny

Henry Every's Parasol: GunjiBunny

Michiel de Ruyter's Crest: GunjiBunny

Manco Cápac's Staff: Mr.123

George Martin's Original Studio Master of "Rain": Mr.123

O. H. Kahn's Piggy Bank: Wilesjeffery2152

Silk Sash of Mulan: GunjiBunny

George Bernard Shaw's Academy Award & Nobel Prize: GunjiBunny

Clark Wiley's Cage: GunjiBunny

Fiorello La Guardia's Sledgehammer: GunjiBunny

​Week 13 WinnersEdit

Gilbert Vernam's Paper Tape: GunjiBunny

John Langdon Down's Stencils: Mr.123

Jester's Mask: ElsaRules!!!

Margaret Hughes' Stage Dress: Mr.123

Trismegistos' Emerald Tablets: ElsaRules!!!

Elsie Mitchell's Picnic Basket: ElsaRules!!!

Robert Crisp's Cricket Bat: Mr.123

Plutus' Key: Mr.123

Maurice de Sully's Three Gargoyle Statues: Mr.123

M.R. James' Glasses: Garr9988

Henrietta Robinson's Shawl: Garr9988

Hetty Green's Shawl: Gunjibunny

Klaas Aperture (canon) * Edit

Original Howdy Doody MarionetteEdit

Umar ibn Al-Khatt's SwordEdit

  • Mr.123: Instills great vigor and ability to make their cause succeed under just command. Increases social tolerance, oration, tactical foresight and humility. Whenever they behave less than noble, they will experience tiny slash marks across their stomach that grow larger with repetition until fatal

Pierre le Grand's GallonsEdit

Henry David Thoreau's SpadeEdit

Neith's LoomEdit

  • Mr.123: User becomes impartial to favoritism, making choices based upon information. Removes interest in having progeny.
    • Latches a string to anybody who approaches it, extending it in the general direction of their future. Known to twist and tangle, but never tear. Becomes too thin for perception when approaching important familial obligations.

Jethro Tull's HoeEdit

  • Scalec: When put to dirt, creates perfectly straight rows of soil. Plants caught in these rows experience considerable growth, and the further from the hoe's point of origin they are the more they grow.
  • Mr.123: Jethro Tull's Seed Drill - Causes plants to uproot themselves and arrange in a more evenly spaced out pattern. User becomes unable to derive nutrition from anything besides soil.

Phil Connor's Radio Alarm ClockEdit

Henry VIII of England's Wedding RingEdit

  • Scalec: Catherine of Aragon's Wedding Ring - Infused with her anguish and conviction, the ring was returned to her former husband Henry VIII upon her death. So long as it makes contact with the skin, it blinds anyone who touches it from being able to see anything but the ring.

Ray Price’s Wheelie Bar / Edit

Dominic Cobb's Top Edit

Chucky Doll Edit

Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield's Prototype EMT Scanner * Edit

  • Mr.123: Creates an externalized depiction of the user's brain structure, down to the smallest detail. Applying careful, intentional movements allows the user to perform brain alteration without surgery. However, mistakes can cause irreversible damage.

Orville Wright's Bicycle Edit

Ernest Vincent Wright's Dictionary Edit

  • Mr.123: Removes the ability to see, speak, or even think of words that include the first letter of their name.

Qing Dynasty Vase (canon) * Edit

Vladimir Nabokov's Notecards Edit

Union Pacific Big Boy Edit

Martin Fullam's Jacket Edit

  • GunjiBunny: Protection against high temperatures and fire, increases courage. Smoke will form inside of the wearer's lungs after extended use.

William Oughtred's Slide Ruler Edit

  • Mr.123: Increases implicit understanding of mathematical theory. Needs extant interest in astrology to activate.

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