Azletar is the physical living avatar of the Warehouse. - Agent Aden Taylor beginning a journal on Azletar.


Azletar has the Head, mane, and overall coloration of Arceus. His body, arms, and face are shaped like those of Mewtwo. His legs are golden and shaped like those of Lucario. When using his powers, his green eyes glow sky-blue.

Life Before the WarehouseEdit

Azletar was created in and of the Warehouse. As a result, he has no life prior to Warehouse 13, unless one counts a faint psychic compulsion in Agent Taylor's subconscious.




NEEDS REWORKING Azletar can use the powers of any artifact connected to the Convention Aisle. When doing so, he usually projects a mental image of the said artifact as a method of channeling its effects. He is also a powerful Psychic, possessing telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation powers. Additionally, through his inherent Ability, he is capable of adopting a sub-Type, usually one that best fits the situation he may be in.

As the embodiment of the 'Tulpa' artifacts, he bears a psychic link to every Warehouse-registered artifact in the Convention Aisle. The closer the artifact is to Azletar, the clearer its thoughts; artifacts far away are almost as audible as a shout in a hurricane. This power also allows him to sense "wild" artifacts, but only as static noise that lets him know if one is, and/or has been used, in a general area.

Azletar's only real downside is that he acquires personality traits similar to those of the current Caretaker. Due to his link to the caretaker and his life being drawn from the Eldunari, it is likely that he would die with the Warehouse if they were extinguished.

Artifact UsageEdit

  • Harriet Tubman's Thimble - Uses this artifact's power to switch to a human appearance when in the field.



  • Exposure to Neutralizer clouds Azletar's mind, causing nauseating dizziness and impairing his ability to think and focus. Being exposed to a sufficient amount of the stuff long enough causes him to fall unconscious, his brain instantly shutting down anything not necessary for survival. He will remain in such a state until he is recalled into the custom Poke Ball owned by Ms. Fredric. This is a side-effect of his physical form being the Homonculus artifact.
  • Azletar's triple-fusion nature reflects the incorporation of the greatest strengths of the three Pokemon into one great Legendary: Mewtwo's unmatched mental capacity; Lucario's physical and extrasensory prowess; and Arceus' universal adaptability.
  • If he pushes himself, Azletar can psychically suppress the abilities of every artifact in the Convention Aisle.
  • After further research, much of which included observing Azletar through the Amber Spyglass, it was found that the Pokemon appears as a blue star in the being's shape, with faint yet noticeable wisps of nebula-like energy flowing into it from nearby Artifacts. This fact reveals him to be akin to a Dæmon - the personification of the Warehouse's soul.
    • Azletar's energy is blue under normal conditions, purple when the Warehouse is in trouble (the same shade as Neutralizer; the deeper the purple the more danger the Warehouse is in), and red when the Warehouse is about to move.
  • Azletar acts as a bodyguard for the Caretaker most of the time, which keeps him out of the Warehouse often.