Beethoven's Piano
White piano


Ludwig van Beethoven




Removes the downside of any artifact placed on or in the piano before playing the right song.


If the instructions are not followed or if any other song is played, the player will suffer the downsides of the artifact placed on or in the piano.


When Moonlight Sonata is played during a full moon following Beethoven's instructions: "One must play this whole piece very delicately and without dampers."

Collected by

Gregory Tenniel and Natalya Radova (first time), Helena G. Wells and Oliver Addams (second time)







Date of Collection

Sep.05.1790 (first time) Mar.25.2010 (second time)


?: ?Edit

It is unknown how and when the instrument became an artifact.

1767: Viena, AustriaEdit

Ludwig van Beethoven received the piano from an admirer. Having realized it was more than a mere instrument, he researched the the gift and figured out how the piano worked.

1790: Warehouse 11Edit

Warehouse 11 agent Gregory Tenniel, along with Warehouse 11's Artie, Natalya Radova, came upon this artifact during a mission in Salzburg, Austria.

1830: ?Edit

The artifact was lost during the transportation from Moscow to London.

Today: Warehouse 13Edit

The artifact was recovered by Warehouse 13 Agents Wells and Addams, after tracking it down to Siena, Italy. Only Helena, Oliver and Mrs. Frederic are aware of its power. Currently resides in The Music Corner.

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