Black Hawk's Shackles


Black Hawk




The prisoner will receive bountiful kindness and support from their jailer


Strangers will treat user with disgust and contempt


One person bonding another in the shackles

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection

September 23, 1958



Black Hawk was a Sauk leader who earned his rank as chief not through his ancestry or inheritance but by leading raiding parties and later warriors against encroaching Americans. He sided with the British on numerous occasions to drive back the settlers, including the War of 1812. Angered at territory losses made by white peace treaties, he tried to retake tribal land during the Black Hawk War. He was captured in 1832 and sent east by President Andrew Jackson, to humiliate Black Hawk and show native tribes the large nation they were rebelling against. Surprisingly, future Confederacy leader Jefferson Davis was the one escorting him to prison, showing Black Hawk and other captured warriors kindness and protecting them from attack.

Effects Edit

When one person clasps another person in the shackles, the jailer becomes more open and receptive towards the captured. Although they will never release the user, they will sympathize with the prisoner's situation and comfort them rather than mock them. However, all who pass by the chained person will treat them as filth that deserves their punishment rather than understanding.

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