Bola Spider Bolas
Bola 2


South American Gaucho


Weighted bolas


When thrown, the first thing they touch is quickly covered in a sticky spider-web material.


Anything that touches it afterwards is then also covered in webbing.


Throwing the bolas

Collected by








Date of Collection



1879: South AmericaEdit

Gaunchos traditionally used these weapons, which are essentially weighted balls at the end of ropes, to tangle and ensnare their victims - usually runaway cows. However, one particularly cocky (and jerky) gauncho decided to try it on his band's Native member. Outraged at this display of arrogance, the Native American cast a spell on the bolas. The next time the weapon was thrown, the arrogant gauncho was terrified to find that the balls on the bolas, as if manifesting the spider named after the weapon, stuck on the first solid thing they came into contact to, and seemed to lengthen and extend in order to create an entire sticky web around the object. Touching the web made the web extend onto whatever touched it, until, in this case, the entire team of gaunchos were 'under wraps', so to speak, save the Native American who cast the spell and purposefully avoided the bolas.


These bolas are under suspicion as one of the possible causes of the huge spider webs on Australian farms a couple of years back, though there are other artifacts that could have done it. The only way to disperse the webs is through bird droppings, though mixing the feces with neutralizer makes the process go faster.

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