Briar Pipe Collection






From left to right: The first pipe shoots out a stream of fire; the second rapidly freezes the surrounding area; the third one blasts whatever is in front of the user with a strong gust of wind; the fourth creates a shroud of darkness which conceals the user from any line of sight; and the fifth one sends out a shock wave which can split the earth.




When tobacco is placed in the pipe, lit, then the user blows the tobacco out of the pipe hard.

Collected by

Artie Nielson, Mr. Stall, Myka Bering, Pete Lattimer, Claudia Donovan, Steve Jinks


Jean Nicot-9U





Date of Collection




The origin of this artifact is unknown.


After finding the wet floor sign, the group of agents (led by Artie) tracked down the robbers as they were planning another robbery that same day. As they took care of the group, Mr. Stall had to deal with the pipe collection. He managed to dodge the stream of fire from the first one, and barely managed to get out of a room that was quickly freezing over due to the second pipe; but he was knocked around with the one that sent out a gust of wind and the pipe that sent a tremor that spilt the ground in front of him. It was then Mr. Stall realized that the pipes only could be used once unless the user managed to pack them with tobacco again, which was risky to take a chance on. When he managed to get close to the robber, the man suddenly used the last pipe, shrouding them in darkness. During that moment the robber stuff the pipe that would shoot out fire, but after fumbling around in the dark, and because of Mr. Stall was able to sense where the pipe's were, the agent managed to take care of the robber and collect the pipe's.

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