Ceramic Figurine Collection


Jesus and Javier Carbajales


Ceramic Figurines


When holding one the person is allowed to connect to the creature the figure represents.


If they hold on to the artifact for a long period of time, the user's minds degrades until they are comatose.


Holding the figurine

Collected by

Artie Nielsen


Venus de Milo-7RK





Date of Collection




Zebra, elephant and hippo jungle collection from Artesania Rinconada. Made in Uruguay beginning in the 1970's. These are retired figurines from their huge collection of these unique animal designs.

Rinconada’s Classic Collection was created by twin brothers Jesus and Javier Carbajales during the fall of 1972 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Artesania Rinconada figurines are carefully hand-carved and detailed in fine grain earthenware ceramic material. Hand application of colored slips and enamel glazes is used to accent and highlight individual design characteristics. Each enamel glaze must be re-fired individually in order to preserve its distinctive coloration.


Artie had heard about the collection before, so when he came across a case where someone was able to explain perfectly how a hippo aqt a zoo felt, which in the end had the hippo being operated on to save its life, he went and found the figurines. After explaining to the person what was going to happen to them, which was backed up by the fact that the user's own mind was slowly fading, he took the figurines and when he bagged them, the person who used them was alright.

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