This is the place where our favorite comic book heroes and villains leave their items and let them become artifacts.  Also known as the Schuster-Lee Sector, is home to artifacts that stem from the comic books throughout the ages.

While it may seem to be in chaos, there is a method to the madness; the west side of the vault is known as the Schuster Aisles, while the east is the Lee Aisles, designated to keep the Marvel/DC energies in check.  As an extra precaution, the north-west is meant for the rouges of the DC universe while the south-east is for the villains of the the Marvel Universe.  Spread out in the middle are artifact that belong to neither major comic book company (i.e. independent companies & web comics).

When seen in 'Mild Mannered', the vault had yet to be organized, so numerous static storms formed in the vault until Agent Lattimer organized it with minimal incidents.

Note on Aisle/Shelving: All DC Artifacts are to be have the label Aisle 754-1934, and the Shelf 96832-0632-### (any three numbers); Mavel Artifacts are in Aisle 753-1939, and the Shelf 96832-0633-### (any three numbers). However, no artifact in the same section can have the same last three numbers for the shelf code.

Marvel ArtifactsEdit

DC ArtifactsEdit

Independent Comics/Web Comics (Aisle 755-1998, Shelf 96832-0634-###)Edit

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