During the time of Warehouse 8, a series of artifacts were discovered to have a devastating power when brought together. To cover up the discovery of these artifacts, Dante Alighieri, a Regent of Warehouse 8, wrote 'The Inferno' as a cover story for these artifacts. This was the first time a fictional book was created as a cover for numerous artifacts. In the story, Dantes goe through the nine rings of hell, but in reality, each ring was based on a certain artifact. Laying on his deathbed, he realized that there was no way to tame the power of these artifacts. Little did he know that his deathmask absorbed the secondary, much more destructive effects. This power was unleashed as a eight story high flame pillar.

Artifacts & corrosponding ringsEdit

  1. Limbo: Virgil's Staff
  2. Lust: Julia Agrippa's Chalice
  3. Gluttony: Vitellius' Plate
  4. Greed: Plutus' Key
  5. Anger: Kublia Khan's Leather Belt
  6. Heresy: Epicurus' Letters
  7. Violence: Giovanni Malatesta's Gloves
  8. Fraud: Myrrha's Noose
  9. Treachery: Judas Iscariot's Thirty Pieces of Silver


After recsuing Consultant Nikki Nola from Mikolaj, they discovered that he had made off with Dante Alighieri's Death Mask. This coupled with research on 'The Inferno' in his study, Mrs. Frederic realized that he was after the nine artifacts that were lost during various transits between Warehouses.

With this knowledge, the H.A.R.P. Consultants raced off to Revenna, Italy to collect the first artifact, Virgil's Staff. Despite making it there first, Mikolaj's assult of weaponry artifacts covered for him long enough to get it, but not before Matt Sordens grasped the staff long enough to see visions of the current resting places of the artifacts before blacking out.

Despite losing the staff, Matt scaresly remembered fragments of these visions, jogging every so often. While the actual shape and effect of the artifact still remained forgotten, he could remember the location and the ring it corrosponded to.