Debbie Stone's Name Tag


Debbie Stone


Name Tag


Allows user to flatten their body and objects touching the user


None identified



Collected by

Agent Brady Brown


Ovoid Quarantine

Date of Collection



This name tag was the one used by Disneyland employee Debbie Stone. The tag allows the user to flatten their body and objects touching them to nearly 1 inch.


On July 8, 1974, nine days after the attraction opened, 18-year-old Disneyland cast member Deborah Gail Stone was killed when she was crushed between the building's rotating wall and a stationary wall. Stone had ventured too close to the area between the rotating wall and the fixed stage wall and was caught between them as the building rotated. A guest in the adjacent theater heard her screams and notified the ride operators. Afterwards, America Sings was closed for two days while safety lights were installed. Eventually, the walls were remodeled so that they would break away if a similar incident occurred.


While at a flea market, Agent Brady Brown was just wandering, buying some random objects, some Artifacts, one being this name tag. It is currently kept in the Ovoid Quarantine.

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