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Dorothea Lange's Camera


Dorothea Lange/ Great Depression




Subjects of pictures taken receive the help and money they need from their government


Only works if the subject is desperate or downtrodden


Taking a picture

Collected by

Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering







Date of Collection

July 18th 2014



The American Dust Bowl and Great Depression left thousands of people in dire financial straits. Some of the worst affected were the farmers, migrant workers, and sharecroppers. Dorothea Lange, a photographer, took many pictures depicting the hopelessness and plight of these people.

Her most famous picture is called "Migrant Mother". When people saw these moving photos, there was a public outcry for the government to do something. The government rushed to improve conditions within the settlement camps of the photo's subjects.


Imbued with the need to provide help to those whom need it the most, the camera summons appropriate government aid to whomever the camera takes a picture of. The camera has its own supply of never-ending film. Pictures need only to be taken, not shown to anyone, to produce results.

The camera will only work if the subjects being photographed are poor, downtrodden, or desperate for help. Any other subject will not appear on film. User should expect results within five business days


Pete and Myka collected this artifact from the estate sale of a photography history buff in Chicago. The former owner unwittingly used the effects of the camera to improve the lives of several homeless people, as the film inside the camera still retained their images in the background, while failing to capture any other person on a busy street.

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