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Ed Gein's Shovel


Ed Gein


Object Effects


Can restore a corpse to life, provided the user loved the person in life.


Drains the users sanity


Driving the shovel into the target's grave

Collected by

Agent Slhj



Date of Collection




Ed Gein was the inspiration for Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Silence of the Lambs. He lived on a farm with abusive parents and a mother he was obsessed with. When she died, he started to make routine trips to the cemetery to dig up dead bodies of middle aged women who looked like his mother, make costumes out of them, and put them on them on to try and bring his mother back to life by pleasing her into believing he had become a woman. Eventually, he was caught when he killed a women to use her in his sick art. The shovel absorbed both his heartfelt desparation to bring his mother back and his insanity.

Today: Los Angeles, CaliforniaEdit

Warehouse Agents were sent to intercept it when a women used it to bring her husband back to life, losing her sanity and becoming a serial killer in the process.

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