Long before Warehouse 1 came to be, there existed five objects which either gave rise to how the Egyptians viewed the soul, or were created as a result of this viewpoint. The Egyptian priests kept them together, but when the empire fell, they were scattered around the world.

Artifacts and Corresponding parts of the soulEdit

  1. Ba Statuette - Personality/core soul
  2. Ib Amulet - Heart
  3. Ren statuette - True Name
  4. Ka Statuette - Life Force
  5. Sheut Statuette - Shadow/Legacy


5,000 years later, they were brought back together in an antique shop, where a man bought one of them. He was gunned down, but the object instantly brought him back to life. This alerted the Warehouse, and Agent Aden Taylor was sent out to acquire it. Before he collected the artifact, he bought the other four on a hunch and collected the other after expaining that the effect would only work once per person.

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