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Elizabeth Bathory's Brooch


Countess Elizabeth Bathory


Diamond Brooch with a red stone


Grants wearer eternal youth


Brooch makes wearer kill virgins monthly to power it up


Run your finger along the stone

Collected by

Agent Damon Moon



Date of Collection




Originally belonged to Countess Elizabeth Bathory, better known through history as the female Dracula. Elizabeth Bathory made her mark in history when she discovered that drinking or bathing in virgin blood makes her younger. So year by year, virgin girls were taken to her castle to accomplish her obession (which turned the Brooch into an Artifact). Her time finally came to end when her actions were brought up to a higher power which got her sentenced to be locked up in her castle until she dies.


In the town of Amarillo, Texas, middle-school girls were being found dead. The Warehouse was brought to the attention of this, but passed it off as non-Artifact related. They reconsidered the decision when they noticied that the 53 year old middle school female principle was looking younger within every day.

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