Feathers from Diego Marín Aguilera's Flying Machine


Diego Marín Aguilera




Inventive skill


Public mockery and scorn


Attaching to something

Collected by

Warehouse 11







Date of Collection

August 16, 1803



Diego Marín Aguilera was a Spanish inventor who was an early aviation pioneer. A farmer’s son who had to provide for his large family of brothers, he devised equipment to work faster, including mills and threshers. But he is best remembered in Spain for his attempt to build a flying machine, over a century before the flight of the Wright Brothers. Inspired by the eagles soaring overhead, he collected wood, iron, cloth and feathers for the build and outsourced the construction to a local blacksmith. Aguilera reportedly flew 5 to 6 meters high and between 300 and 500 yards away. Although uninjured, his device broke and the townsfolk declared his creation a demonic monstrosity and burned it. Marín left no documentation regarding his inventions and he was buried at the local church.


Gives the user inventive prowess but will attract scorn from onlookers. Many of the more startled folks will try to steal or destroy the user’s inventions. When near an already talented person, the feathers will levitate and float upwards in the air.

Outcomes from the event Edit

The outcomes of the event weren't that good tho because if the towns folk hadn't burnt the flying machine then we could be several years ahead in flight. know we all now why they burned it they were scared. Back in there time they believed in gods and they thought hey if this guy keeps trying to fly to the heavens the gods are gonna get mad at us and kill us all. So they destroyed his flying machine out of fear.

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