God Tier Clock
God Tier Clock
Aden's clock


Sburb Session reward


Miniature Grandfather Clock


Allows for manipulation of a God Tier's life force


See effects; stopping the pendulum will kill the God Tier.


N/A; Already activated

Collected by

Mary Melinoe









An ornate miniature grandfather clock. whose color depends on which Skaian Moon the player dreamed on in their session (golden yellow for Prospit Dreamers, obsidian purple for Derse Dreamers) The pendulum's weight is a small cue ball. When the clock is touched by it's owner, the face changes from an ordinary clock face on a green background into a depiction of the owner's God Tier symbol with a background that is split in half vertically, the left (when facing the clock) being purple and the right being orange with the pendulum counterweight swinging between them.


Along with a God Tier Outfit, and a Voodoo stitchpunk, the clock is generated by the Sburb Beta Disks as a reward for beating the session.


Mary Melinoe prefers to leave them with the God Tiered person who owns them. She uses them to remind said owners that she could easily terminate them.

Aden's own clock was collected after the Von Dichi incident.


The clock has similar powers to that of Johann Maelzel's Metronome, in that stopping the pendulum stops the owner's heart, but it also is connected to the owner's life force. Squeezing the clock's frame can cause the owner's ribcage to be squeezed in sympathy.

If the owner dies however from a different reason, the clock will turn green and the pendulum will slow to a stop, and the small black area above the face will glow with the word Heroic or Just. If the counterweight stops on the gold half of the face, the person died in a heroic manner. If it stops on the purple half, the death was just (Meaning it was for the greater good of reality). However, if it stops directly between the two halves, the death is neither. As a result the clock will glow brightly in sync with the God Tier and revive them.


In the webcomic Homestuck, The character Doc Scratch possessed a normal size grandfather clock that displayed the status of any God Tiered character. When the God Tiered character died, the clock shows if the death was Heroic (gold), or Just (purple). If the pendulum stopped on either half, the character would be permanently dead. If the pendulum stopped between the two halves, the God Tier would regenerate and return to life.


  • The clock was created to give Aden Taylor an Achilles' Heel.
  • Juan Miguel and Mary Melinoe each possesses a similar clock, only his is purple and has a red ten-spoke gear on the face. Mary's is also purple but bears a strange dark blue symbol similar to Aden's. The symbol appears to fill in the voids of Aden' Aspect
  • If the clock is destroyed, gripping the pendulum will keep the bonded person alive until the clock can be repaired.
    • If not repaired within 24 hours, the person will die regardless.
  • A God Tier could gain unconditional Immortality (a literal and permanent form of immortality) by destroying his own clock (not a match of someone who shares their Claspect, their own specifically). However, this is absolutely forbidden by every God Tier, started, almost ironically, by a Lord of Time (Caliborn, the in-canon example of a Lord of Time, gained this form of immortality and became Lord English by destroying his Clock).
    • All attempts to do so are punishable by a dip into Etir, which is one of the few things that can instantly kill a God Tier.
Juan's Clock

Juan's own God-Tier Clock

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