Götz von Berlichingen's Prosthetic Arm


Götz von Berlichingen


Prosthetic Arm


Heals any physical injuries


Causes the user to start feuds and use vulgar expressions



Collected by

Warehouse 10







Date of Collection




Gottfried "Götz" von Berlichingen (c. 1480 – 23 July 1562), also known as Götz of the Iron Hand, was a German (Franconian) Imperial Knight (Reichsritter) and mercenary. He was active in numerous campaigns during a period of 47 years (1498–1544), including the German Peasants' War, besides numerous feuds; in his autobiography he estimates that he fought 15 feuds in his own name, besides many cases where he lent assistance to friends, including feuds against the cities of Cologne, Ulm, Augsburg and the Swabian League, as well as the bishop of Bamberg.

In 1504, Berlichingen and his company fought for Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria. During the siege of the city of Landshut, he lost his right arm when enemy cannon fire forced his sword against him. He had a mechanical prosthetic iron replacement made, which was on display at the Jagsthausen Castle. This prosthetic hand was ahead of its time, being capable of holding objects from a sword to a feather pen. In spite of this injury, Berlichingen continued his military activities. In the subsequent years he was involved in numerous feuds, both of his own and in support of friends and employers.

Effects Edit

When attached to an amputated arm, it heals all physical injuries the user has sustained over their lifetime; this does not include conditions that were present at birth or are due to genetics. Larger injuries such as a shattered skeletal system or amputated limbs will take several days but will eventually fully reform. After healing, the user will try to start conflict and curse out anybody they meet.

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