Hermann Weyl's Drafting Compass


Hermann Weyl


Drafting Compass


Opens spatial wormholes connecting to any point in the known universe


User gradually loses touch with reality with extended use


Sketching a circle

Collected by

N/A, Destroyed


Out and About List



Hermann Weyl was a German physicist and mathematician who, among other groundbreaking work regarding physics, philosophy and geometry, also helped build the public knowledge of the theory of wormholes. This wooden drafting compass was likely used in his graphological work and became imbued with not only his passion of the working world, but also the ability to alter it.


By sketching a circle with the compass (by holding it to the ground or in the air) one can create a tear in the fabric of space that allows matter to move seamlessly from one place to the next, i.e. a wormhole. For this to work, however, the user must focus not on the practicality of the effect, but the 'beauty' of it. Functionally, this means that the user must appreciate it for what it is, not how or why it is. Though there seems to be no limit on distance able to be travveled, the user must at least know where they are going.

Prolonged use of the artifact can have some rather dire effects. Though one or two trips are harmless if taken in moderation, several quick trips within a short time will quickly wear away the users sense of reality, being unable to consciously comprehend anything.


Following a lead regarding the theft of the Mask of Anubis to one Mrs. Von Dichi, agents Bri Rependata and Aden Taylor found themselves in an unnexpected situation. Holding off the agents with an artifact, Dichi used the compass to make her escape. It was destroyed after use so it could not be used to follow her.

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