The Homestuck Artifacts are a series of artifacts based on the Homestuck comic.

Aspect ArtifactsEdit

These artifacts pertain to the twelve Aspects of the universe. For an unknown reason, those who could wield the Aspect in question were they able to complete a session are able to resist the downside and gain a boost in their power over the artifact.

The artifacts glow briefly when in the presence of anyone, God Tiered or not, who can, or bears the potential to, manipulate that particular Aspect of Reality.

  • Time - Timetable: resembles a record disc on top of a gear. Gives user control over the speed of time by rotating the disc. Spinning the disc to fast or slow kills the user by aging them to dust. WARNING: May cause temporal duplication, where a person is duplicated temporarily due to temporal loops.
  • Space - Space Ring: a black ring with the symbol for Space on it's surface. Gives user control over space. Constant use or abuse causes the user to dissolve as the ring absorbs them to repair the spacial manipulations.
  • Void - Magic Cue Ball: Similar in design to the classic Magic 8 ball, but without a window to view an answer. Can answer any question, but the user can't read the answer. Also allows user to become invisible.
  • Light - Light Glasses: Allows the user to read the Magic Cue Ball and grants incredible luck, but blinds the user temporarily when removed.
  • Mind - Mind Badge: A pin bearing the Aspect symbol for Mind. Allows user to read minds, but drives the user insane from the sheer amount of mental noise.
  • Heart - Heart Necklace: Allows user to manipulate souls (user must first practice in manipulating the power of their own), but sickens the user with heart attacks that increase in secerity until they become fatal.
  • Rage - Rage Mask: A mask in the shape of the Aspect symbol for Rage. Angers user and eventually sends them into a homicidal rampage.
  • Hope - Hope Feather: Gives user hope/allows user to manipulate Hope.
  • Doom - Doom Knife: Instantly kills whomever the blade touches.
  • Life - Life Apple: a blue crystal apple that heals user of any disease and injury, even a recent death of up to two hours, but constant use may cause the user's skin to become plant-like.

Class ArtifactsEdit

The Class Artifacts are the counterpart to the Aspect Artifacts. Ascended God Tiers can use these artifacts to temporarily shift their class. This effect is not permanent however, and overuse of it can lead to (occasionally dramatic) changes in one's personality.

Like the Aspect artifacts, these artifacts glow faintly in the presence of their Class, be they an Ascended God Tier or not. When combined with the previous list, they effectively make a God Tier Test .

  • Lord - Caliborn's Cane: Grants total active (directly instructing) dominion over an Aspect.
  • Muse - Calliope's tablet and Stylus: Grants total passive (inspiring or suggesting) dominion over an Aspect.
  • Heir - Pop-a-matic Vrillyhoo Hammer charm - Allows user to transform into a noncorporeal manifestation of their Aspect (for example, an Heir of Breath would transform ino a sentient mass of Wind) for their own protection.
  • Mage - Sollux's Glasses: Allows for seeing an Aspect in order to benefit others. Can manipulate Aspect
  • Seer - Rose's Scarf: Allows one to see the power and knowledge granted by an Aspect
  • Rogue - Nepeta's Claws Allows for the transfer of an Aspect from a target to others
  • Thief - Meenah's bracelets: Allows for theft of an Aspect to benefit User.
  • Maid - Jane's spoon: Allows for providing themselves with an Aspect
  • Page - Jake's overshirt: Causes random bursts of power, boosting an Aspect to "over 9,000!", providing others with an Aspect
  • Knight - Dave's broken sword: Protects others with an Aspect.
  • Sylph - Aranea's Signless (Cancer zodiac symbol) pendant: Allows for healing of an Aspect.
  • Witch - Feferi's tiara: Allows for pure manipulation of an Aspect
  • Bard - Gamzee's juggling club: Allows for destruction of or by an Aspect. (Dear Aspects of Rage: Do. NOT. Touch! EVER!)
  • Prince - Eridan's Wand: Destroys an Aspect. Please refrain from using.

Other artifactsEdit

  • God Tier Outfits - these outfits grant the God Tier powers they were given in a Session. However, only specific people can wear them. Namely, the persons who acquired them in the aforementioned Session. The outfits here, aside from Mary's, Juan's, and Aden's (all of which are labelled), are confiscated by Mary from people who abused the abilities. These are stored in Xibalba for safekeeping
  • God Tier Clocks - these clocks are synced to a person who acquired God Tier Status. As long as the clock works, they cannot die unless the fatal blow is because of Heroism or Just. Stored in Xibalba
  • Sburb Beta Disks - When activated, the user or users is/are trapped in a Sburb Session. If they win, the person recieves God Tier abilities (including the previous two artifacts). Lose the Session, and the user dies. All  acquired copies are stored in Xibalba.
  • White on Black Rose Lalonde Pendant - Forces wearer to go Grimdark. Control over the form lessens as time passes until the artifact is removed. When active, the design slowly becomes more Lovecraftian in appearance, indicating how much power the Grimdarkness has over the wearer. So far, Juan Miguel is the only person who can exhibit total control over it at any time, solely at the cost of his temper.
  • Trickster JuJu spiral lollipop pendant - Activates Trickster Mode. Control over the mode lessens as time passes until the artifact is removed. The amount of control can be judged by the length of the lollipop stick. When it disappears completely, control will be lost. No member of the God Tier community has shown control over this artifact as of yet, mainly due to how scared they all are of it.
  • Prospit and Derse chess set: emulates the battle between Prospit (Yellow; equated to white on a standard board), and Derse (purple; equated to black).  When left alone, it plays against itself, typically with Derse winning. No other effects have been determined as of yet.
  • King's Scepter and Queen's Ring - can take control of the God Tiers
  • Jack's Regisword - mere presence begins to revert a God Tier to pure human the closer they get to it. Also one of the few things that can kill one permanently.


  • The Aspect Artifacts are the most in sync with the Homestuck fandom, and glow slightly whenever there is an update of MSPA.
  • The Hope feather, if it is forced to use its ability too much or too fast, WILL explode, utterly destroying anything caught in the blast radius... which is probably the diameter of the MOON.
  • Upon being removed, the Grimdark and Trickster pendants will cause the user to violently throw up black sludge or a strange rainbow-colored fluid, respectively. The less control over the Grimdark/Trickster Modes the wearer has, the more violent the hurling is.