Kunihiko Asou's Camera Obscura
Four known models. TL, BL & BR in storage.


Kunihiko Asou


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Photos taken with the camera can trap metaphysical beings in film, including spirits, displaced souls and can sever the connection between artifacts and the subject.


If the film fades, the subject will be released.


Taking a photo with film in the camera

Collected by

Unknown Warehouse 13 Agent


Trap Aisle





Date of Collection




Kunihiko Asou, a Japanese occultist, invented the first Camera Obscura in the nineteenth century in an attempt to talk to the "spirit world'. His invention was a (moderate) success, and he made more in an attempt to capitalize on his creation. This did not go as planned, however, and Asou went missing almost a two years after his first successful test, just before he could get the Camera into mass production. 

Several of his personal Cameras gradually became scattered across Japan, and eventually the world. It is currently believed he had a set of ten, only three are stored in the Warehouse. After rumors of Asou's experiments got around, more eager occultists began trying to re-create his invention, with varied results. Though many attempts were made, only few work. 


An undisclosed Agent of the Warehouse was the first to recover a Camera Obscura, and quickly found its effects useful with the addition of Rasputin's Prayer Rope, another new addition. She discovered that, when film was put in the camera and a photo was taken of the apparitions caused by the Rope, the specter vanished, absorbed into the film. Subsequent tests have shown to be effective against apparitions and even personal hallucinations.

It's most valued effect, however, was discovered by accident, when another agent attempted to take a photo of a person affected by an artifact. When the picture was taken, the effects of the artifact immediately wore off. Close inspection of the film showed a shadow of the affected person where the subject was. Upon the film fading, the effects of the artifact returned.


Three Camera Obscuras are currently in the Warehouse (two original makes and one re-creation) along with the only surviving blueprints of the original. One is placed outside of the Warehouse to prevent possessed individuals getting in, another was recently set up outside Felix Draco's workshop after he found that taking a picture of Old Bone, currently his worst fear, will de-activate him by severing the connection with his Etir pool until he is re-submerged.

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