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Louis XIV'S Peg Solitaire
French solitaire


Louis XIV


Peg Solitaire


Winner has life extended and gains sudden ownership of opponents' money and valuables.


Losing player loses all their possessions and dies.


Two people playing the game

Collected by

Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

March 23, 1890



French king Louis XIV was known as the Sun King, ruling as the central leader for 72 years. His rule was marked by the supposed divine right of kings to rule as a monarchial society over feudalism. It also saw the rise of France as a global power, the expulsion of the Protestant minority of Huguenots, multiple wars within Europe and the cultivation of many cultural figures.


Is activated when two people engage in a game. The pieces are made of precious stones and will grant the rules and gameplay into the participants' minds.Victors and the defeated are decided by one game, which never allows a draw. The winner has their life extended, aging at a slower rate but still susceptible to  illness or injury. The winner also gains the money and other valuables of the loser, who passes away shortly after the game is finished. Neutralized by keeping the pieces separate and reverses the effect only if the winner is still alive.

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