Luck Altering Dice






When used the dice will allow the user to turn the odds in their favor, increasing their luck in what is happening to them at the moment.


After a while the luck will go away and it will effect them negatively for the same period of time.


Using the dice.

Collected by

Mr. Kipling







Date of Collection




It's been said that the dice were used by many people in the city of Seattle, so no one knows where it came from. Still, after using the dice and experiencing a bad turn of luck after many repeated uses, people have often abandoned the dice as they believe it is haunted


A case involving a man winning the lottery, then the ticket being deemed worthless while he also lost all of his money, seemed a bit odd, so Mr. Kipling was sent to check it out. He found out easily that the man found the dice and used it to increase his chances throughout his daily life, only to experiene small misfortunes awhile later, but he chalked it up to the old "wrong place at the worng time". It wasn't until he used the dice to win the lottery did he hit a large stroke of bad luck, did he resolve to get rid of the dice, but they were stolen. Mr. Kipling found out that the son of the man took the dice after finding out what happened and used then to win a game of basketball, only to hurt his leg moments after the game ended, then the dice disappeared again. So after following the trail of bad luck Mr. Kipling found the dice in the hands of a woman who knew of the rumors of the dice, and wanted to use them to affect her husband who was in surgery. Luckily Mr. Kipling talked her out of using them, and took the dice back to the Warehouse.

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