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Ma'at, Goddess of Truth and Order
The Statue






Contains the Sheut of Ma'at, the innocence, courage, truth, and overall positive emotions of human civilization. Emits an aura of these feelings


When shattered, the effect will instantly spread across the globe


Damaging or holding the statue

Collected by

Agent Aden Taylor


The Restricted Chamber


Placement# 8

Date of Collection

December 21, 2012


An artifact with effects similar to Pandora's Box.


A six-inch tall statuette of the goddess Ma'at, all blue. She is kneeling with spread, upraised wings. The base is engraved with her name, which translates as Truth or Order. Around her neck is a necklace with a carved Feather of Truth symbol, depicted as an Ostrich or benu (pheonix) feather.


According to Egyptian records rescued from Warehouse 2, the artifact was created at the beginning of Ancient Egyptian Civilization along with another that provided the counterpart of this one, Isfet.


The artifact was collected from the Cairo Museum, where it was on display. Agent Taylor subtly used his abilities to instantly swap it with a non-artifact duplicate.


The Statuette emits an aura of orderly emotions, happiness, courage, and peace. If shattered, these effects will spread across the globe. This woud be a bad thing because the world needs both order and chaos, to create a balance.


  • This artifact was placed in the Restricted Chamber for its own protection. Please do not remove it.
  • Being near both statues at once while meditating seems to be one of the better ways to maintain one's inner balance.

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