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Mary Baker's Necklace
A re-creation of Mary's necklace-the original is too tempting, and must be kept inside a black box.


Mary Baker Willcocks - a.k.a Princess Caraboo




When worn, it allows wearer to be seen as an authoritative figure by others. Also allows user and others who only touch the necklace to understand wearer's language, as it causes the wearer to speak an unknown language.


Very tempting to be worn, especially to women. Prolonged use causes others who have seen the wearer before to eventually recognize them.


When worn

Collected by

Unknown Warehouse 13 Agent



Date of Collection




Mary Baker (nee Willcocks) (1791 – 24 December 1864) was a noted impostor who went by the name Princess Caraboo. She pretended to be from a far away island and fooled a British town for some months.

Mary claimed to be a princess from an island in the Indian Ocean, Javasu, who had been captured by pirates until she jumped overboard in the Bristol Channel and swam ashore in Almondsbury in Gloucestershire, England.

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