Musician's Fiddle


Unknown-used by musician in a Grimm brothers' tale.


Small wooden fiddle


Plays the best fiddle music when played.


Causes all animals to act violently towards player. Also causes player to abuse animals.


Playing it

Collected by

Unknown Warehouse 13 Agent







Date of Collection




A fiddler, wandering in the forest, gets bored and longs for company. He starts to play his fiddle, which draws to him a wolf, fox, and hare, none of which is the company he seeks. Using the animals' admiration for him and playing, he tricks each of them into becoming ensnared or trapped so that he can continue on his way alone. He finds a companion that he seeks, a woodsman, but at that time the wolf has worked itself free, and frees the fox and hare on his way to pursue the musician.

Just as the animals come upon the musician with the goal of doing him mischief, the woodcutter steps in front and protects him with his axe. The animals leave, and the musician thanks the woodcutter with another song, and then leaves.

In the story, the fiddler traps the wolf by wedging its two front paws in a hollow tree. He traps the fox by hanging it from a tall tree by its paws. He traps the hare by tying a string around its neck and having it run around a tree, strangling it whenever it tried to escape. When he traps them(one after the other), he tells them to stay where they are until he returns.

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