Ned Kelly's Revolving Rifle
Revolving Rifle
I've never shot a man, but if I do, so help me God, you'll be the first!


Ned Kelly


Revolving Rifle


Able to pierce through any metal, except Lutetium (but can put a pretty decent dent into it).


Will draw the user to Ned Kelly's Plate Armor


Aiming down the sights

Collected by








Date of Collection



1880: Glenrowan, AustraliaEdit

Ned Kelly by now was one of two things, either a merciless killer or a folk hero, but now the former bushranger was in what would be his final confrontation. Leading the way, he and his other armored friends swiftly moved in behind the police as bullets richochet off the trees and their metal suits. Soon though, he was wounded numerous times over in the hands, arms, and legs.

The rifle was then overcome this the power to hunt down its partner and was meant as a 'fail-safe' in case the armor went beserk. While the rifle has attraction to the armor, a strong enough user can pull it away to aim at a different target.

Today: WarehouseEdit

When a former Lithuianian sniper broke in wearing Ned Kelly's Armor in search of the Artifacts that inspired the rings of Hell in "Dante's Inferno", broke into the Warehouse, little did he know that Kelly's Rifle was now living in the Warehouse. With a few well-aimed shots, Consultant Tyler managed to hit his shoulder and send him, sans armor, home.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0113 'Firewalls'Edit

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