Ninigi-no-Mikoto's Yata no Kagami
Mirror sacred
Mirror of Truth


Amaterasu /Ninigi-no-Mikoto




Depicts most accomplished self


Cannot provide the path


Looking into

Collected by

Warehouse 6







Date of Collection




One of the three sacred treasures of Japan, the mirror was passed down from the sun goddess Amaterasu to her descendants Ninigi and later Emperor Jimmu. The mirror itself was used to trick Amaterasu into returning to the world and shining her light for all to grow in. As she had never before seen her own face, she was surprised at the sight of a beautiful woman who was supposedly her, and left the isolation of her hovel.

Meant to represent wisdom, mirrors in ancient Japan were held in high honor for revealing the truth, as they were uncommon to the poor. Although the box containing it was burned in 1040, no clear records were kept of whether it survived. Its location is also a mystery, although many believe it to be housed in the off-limits Ise Grand Shrine.


Glows with sunlight, revealing the user’s most idealized and accomplished self. The version shown does not always correspond with what the looker would expect or want most in the future. It never directly gives the steps to reach their peak, but it does contain clues in the background of what will be important to attain that particular outcome. It also emits a large, rather uncomfortable box of light that can entrap any person who intends to cause injury or chaos.


Due to their collective history of disappearence, damage, mysterious returns and concealment from adherents, they all share a unique ability. When detecting a malicious or abusive force nearby, they will vanish to somewhere far away. Only after the threat is gone will they return to their respective shrines, or at least the last place they were in Japan. After several relocation attempts, the relics found a safe haven in 1069 within the Khmer Empire, Warehouse 6. Subsequent Warehouses have been the periodic host to these artifacts, and have an area designated just for them, whenever they decide to arrive again.

Imperial Regalia of Japan
Ninigi-no-Mikoto's Yata no KagamiAmaterasu's Yasakani no MagatamaNinigi-no-Mikoto's Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi

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