"Old Bone"
Old Bone


Original name: Kan-U-Uayeyab, nicknamed Old Bone




Active, undead

Index Number



Warehouse Guardian

Previous Occupation

Cursed Mayan Warrior

Area of Expertise

Protection of powerful artifacts


Undead Guardian of Origin Circle.

Life Before the WarehouseEdit

Kan-U-Uayeyab was a Mayan warrior before he committed a horrible war crime, the details of which he has refused to reveal. As punishment, he was attacked with an artifact of Ah Puch, cursing him into eternal undeath until he could atone for it. Agent Aden Taylor while on a mission in the region the zombie prowled recovered the artifact and brought Him back to protect the entire mythology and religion section, Origin Circle.


Aden introduced Old Bone to the other agents, and gave the zombie orders to not attack any agent who checks into the section. Aden and Juan also took to trying to get him to speak Spanish, with moderate success. The sentient corpse takes pride in his job.


Old Bone is a generally nice entity, behaving like a typical Mexican adult who... happens to be an undead Mayan zombie. However, when Origin Circle is attacked, Old Bone promptly reminds the attacker that he is still a Mayan warrior.

Artifact usageEdit

  • Unidentified Ah Puch artifact - An artifact that inspired, or belonged to, one of the Mayan death gods, this artifact is responsible for his current state of undeath.
  • Harriet Tubman's thimble - uses it when he absolutely MUST go outside.
  • Camera Obscura - was once deactivated by Agent Felix Draco due to a fear-induced grudge.
  • Sir Thomas Allbutt's Thermometer - bonded.


  • Death resistance/Undeath - can only be killed if torn apart. And even then getting all his parts together will repair him.
  • Mayan Ball champ - Expert skills in playing the famous Mayan ball game
  • Warrior - Is a skilled Mayan soldier


  • Old Bone is inspired by the Mayan Thrall, one of the undead enemies in the game Tomb Raider Underworld.
  • He has a grudge against professor Felix Draco, due to having been temporarily deactivated by him.
  • Thanks to a mishap on Agent Calecer's part, Old Bone seems to have grown fond of a grass skirt uniform, which other agents do their best to avoid seeing, mainly due to the fact that underwear seems to be a foreign concept to the corpse.
    • Every time Agent Taylor thinks he has burned every copy of the outfit, Bone manages to find another closet full.
  • Has a plot reserved for his use in the Graveyard.