This section (official name "AxMu-888" was around since Warehouse 1. The Religious Section holds artifacts relating, similar, or belonging to certain religious deities and figures. For each religion, there is a separate aisle for it. This section was filled by more artifacts during Warehouse 5 than other iterations, due to the rise of Islam and the Iconoclasm controversies, filling entire sections of the Warehouse with religious icons and paraphernalia. During the reign of Warehouse 6, thousands of east Asian artifacts were collected over this period - many with ties to the reigning religions of the empire, Hinduism and Buddhism.

The section is defended by Old Bone, the reanimated body of a Mayan warrior ressurected by an artifact.

Abrahamic/Semitic Religions (Christianity/Catholicism, Judaism, etc.) (Cross-1268)Edit

Buddhism & Hinduism (Aum-1269)Edit

Shinto & Taoism (Tzu-1270)Edit

Nordic (Mjolnir-1271)Edit

Celtic (Ulster-1272)Edit

Inca-Mayan-Aztec (Meso-1273)Edit

Sikhism (Nanak-1274)Edit

Islam (Fatimah-1275)Edit

Greek & Roman (Perseus-1276)Edit

(Note: this does not include the Olympian Artifacts, they are all stored together in the Pantheon.)

Egyptian (Tut-1277)Edit

Native American (Cherokee-1278)Edit

Maori and Pacifican (Ranginui-1279)Edit

Everything Else (Baku-1280)Edit