Original "Knock-knock" Joke Door Knocker
Knock, knock. Whose there?




Gold Door Knocker


When placed on a door and knocked, events of answering the door will play out like a common "knock-knock" joke.


The name of the person who knocked will be subject to humorous and humiliating word-play.


Placing on a door, knocking

Collected by




Date of Collection




The exact date of the joke formula attaining popularity is unknown, but was likely 1936. Fred Allens December 30, 1936 radio broadcast included a humorous wrapup of the year's least important events, including a supposed interview with the man who "invented a negative craze" on April 1st: "Ramrod Dank... the first man to coin a Knock Knock."

"Knock knock" was the catchphrase of music hall performer Wee Georgie Wood, who was recorded in 1936 saying it in a radio play, but he simply used the words as a reference to his surname and did not use it as part of the well-known joke formula. The format was well known in the UK and US in the 1950s and early 1960s before falling out of favor. It then enjoyed a renaissance after the jokes became a regular part of the badinage on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.


The knocker will automatically affix itself to any door. When used as a knocker, the events will play out like a classic "Knock-Knock" joke before the door can be opened. This joke is usually at the expense of the 'knocker', twisting their name in a humorous or punny way.

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