Original Wind & Fire Wheels
Fire wheels


Shaolin Monks


Wind and Fire Wheels


When swung, windstorms and fireballs are generated by corresponding wheels.


Can only be used when the user is attacked first.


Swinging the wheels

Collected by

Consultants Bri Rependata and Nikki Nola







Date of Collection



495 AD: Shaolin MonasteryEdit

To defend themselves from constant thieves and bandits, a Shaolin Monk designed and forged the firsts wind and fire wheels. Little did he know, the determination to protect his bretheren imbued the wheels with the elemental abilities that they were named after.

Today: Hong KongEdit

When various store owners, businessmen, and former Triad members began showing up dead, H.A.R.P Consultants Bri Rependata and Nikki Nola landed in Hong Kong to investigate a possible corrupt police officer, but all ends failed until they 'accidentally' (whether or not it was their artifact honing abilities that brought them there or not is unknown) decided to visit a hole-in-the-wall bar.

When Nikki made the mistake of backhanding a Triad, the found out that it was a Triad assassin using the wheels to take down his targets, but only after provoking his foes. Using this to their advantage, they refused to attack the assassin, causing him to resort to more 'traditional' methods. During this scuffle, a masked thief managed to get away with the wheels after knocking out the assassin for the girls.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0207 'Ring of Fire, Blades of Wind'Edit

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