Aperture Science Handheld Quantum Tunneling Device
Portal Gun
"Yes Pete, you may play with it. Just be careful."


Portal fandom




Portal Generation, near-total immunity to high-velocity impacts


User becomes mute while a portal is open; releasing the artifact soon after impact, collected damage will occur


Holding and firing

Collected by

Agent Peter Lattimer and Aden Taylor







Date of Collection



A fun teleportation artifact.


The Portal Gun was created for and displayed at a fan convention. Infused with the belief, love, fear of GLaDOS' observation, and the sense of fun and adventure of over a hundred fans, the item developed the properties of the device.


Agents Lattimer and Taylor acquired this after it was being used to commit common thefts. Mr. Taylor tricked the wielder into jumping off a building, then spray-neutralized the gun, which shattered the thief's legs. After admitting him to a hospital, the artifact was taken to the Warehouse, where Pete proceeded to play with it.


The Portal Gun can fire portals onto any flat surface large enough to accomodate an oval-shaped hole large enough for a five-foot-six tall human. Only two can exist at the same time (one orange and one blue), and a wormhole exists between them. Entering one causes the user to emerge from the other. Momentum, and any related laws of physics, are conserved between portals. However, when a portal is active, the user will become mute.

The gun also allows the user to survive high-velocity impacts. The impact will still translate into injuries, but nothing worse than small scrapes and bruises. However, if the artifact is taken from the user or neutralized too soon after impact, this immunity ceases to exist, and the damage the holder would have recieved is instantaneously applied (if the user had survived a fall that would have shattered their legs, that's exactly what would have happened).

WARNING: The Portal device is an indoor-use only artifact! Outdoor use causes paranoia that you're being watched by GLaDOS.


  • To keep the gun happy, play with it regularly. It does not like keeping still, and does not like being outside.
  • "Do not touch the operational end of the device. Do not look at the operational end of the device. Do not submerge the device in liquid, even partially. Most importantly, under no circumstances should you (exact warning unknown, but it is presumably "shoot the moon with it," or "shoot a person with it")" - GLaDOS giving warnings about the Portal Gun. These warning labels most likely still apply with the artifact.

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