Portobello Pin-Cushion
Tomato pin cushion


Portobello Road Market




Placing a pin in an object allows it to be summoned to the holder of the pin-cushion


The more pins in effect at a time, the more the owner is overcome by greed


Placing a pin in an object/focusing on the affected object

Collected by

Agent Felix Draco


Felix's Shelf



Formed by the greed of a Portobello Road antique merchant and swindler, he would use it to re-call sold objects so he could re-sell them and earn more from a single piece.


Placing one of the twenty pins on an object will link the onject with the pin-cushion, allowing the holder to summon the object to him at any time. The more pins used at once, or more accurately, the less pins on the cushion, the greedier the owner will become for his pinned goods, becoming obsessive to the point of mania. It has since been found that up to three may be used with minimal downside.

It is unwise to use them on a living thing, as it tends to be very hard to clean up the mess.


Though their history is relatively unknown, they eventually came into the possesion of Agent Felix Draco, who brought them, and other artifacts, to the Warehouse when he joined.

A single pin was recently imbedded into Agent Draco's sternum while it was setting after being broken, allowing the holder of the pin-cushion to teleport him in relative safety, though the process is noted to be uncomfortable and quite painful.

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