Medusa's Head
Peter Paul Rubens - The Head of Medusa
Head of Medusa by Peter Paul Rubens


Perseus and/or Athena


Preserved Head


Turns others to stone.


Effect becomes permanent if not deactivated in time.


Looking into the face after removing the blindfold

Collected by






Date of Collection

Date collected Unknown


One of mythology's most well-known artifacts: The head of the gorgon: Medusa herself.


A woman's head that has been perfectly preserved. It's hair is made of poisonous snakes that writhe around as though they were alive when the head is active. The artifact has a black cloth blindfold tied behind the head preventing it from seeing and it is stored in a clay jar of formaldehyde.


While the myth of Perseus and Medusa is considered just that, documents from the Ancient Archives shed some light on the true events. The artifact was either in the posession of a young Greek woman or the actual head of a priestess of Athena who's name happened to be Medusa, details on which is correct cannot be determined. She used it's power to kill anyone who trespassed on her island. The famed hero Perseus eventually decapitated her, taking the artifact or her own head back home with him. Presenting it to the statue of Athena in the Greek Parthenon, the head was instantaneously preserved, and the blindfold materialized over its eyes.

Given it's organic nature, it's exact origins as an artifact are unknown, whether it was truly taken from a Gorgon of legend or merely the result of another artifact. Given the Warehouse's history with Greek dieties, the latter is considered more likely.


Unknown. Ironically discovered in Athens Ohio, but later found in Agua Fria, New Mexico.


The head still posesses its famed ability to turn any poor soul who gazes at its face into stone. However, the ability is not permanent and can be reversed within a certain time frame. If the artifact is 'presented' to the Athena Parthenos statue within a month and a half (the time it took for Perseus to leave on his quest and then return to the Parthenon) from the moment the blindfold was removed, all petrified victims will be restored. Replicas of the statue, such as the one in Nashville's Parthenon replica will work fine, since the original one is missing.


  • Please note: This Head of Medusa is the actual preserved organic head, not the statue in Warehouse 2. This fact has been mentioned in the article three (now four) seperate times!
    • It is also not the shield! To reiterate, it is the actual organic severed HEAD.

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