Rawlings Leather Football Helmet




Football Helmet


When worn this would allow the user to knock down any obstacle, from doors to trees, if they were to charge at the target and slam their head into it.


Problem is the user will always fall down afterwards and feel dizzy for a good period of time.


Wearing the helmet then running into an object like one is going to tackle someone.

Collected by

Artie Nielson, Mr. Kipling, Myka Bering, Pete Lattimer, Claudia Donovan, Steve Jinks







Date of Collection




The origin of this artifact is unknown.


After finding the wet floor sign, the group of agents (led by Artie) tracked down the robbers as they were planning another robbery that same day. As they took care of the group, Steve had to take care of the man who was using both the torch and the helmet at the same time. The robber did his best to keep Steve back by using the torch and waving it in front of the agent, as Steve had lost his Tesla when they came across the robbers and it was knocked out of his hand, but despite the fact that the torch was rigged up to be gripped with plastic handles, the torch still heated up to the point where it began to burn the plastic. After a moment it managed to burn off most of the plastic so it couldn't be held and it fell to the floor. Desperate, the robber tried to use the helmet on Steve by tackling him, only for Steve to move out of the way allowing the man to slam right into a shelving unit, causing it to tip over and the downside to go into effect, allowing Steve to take care of the man.

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