Sburb transp
A Homestuck fan's greatest dream... and worst nightmare, all sealed into two simple disks.


Desire of the Homestuck fandom to play Sburb




Each disk generates half of a Sburb Session. When together, they gain a limited reality-warping ability


Dying in Sburb results in physical death


Eye or physical contact

Collected by

Agents, Aden Taylor, Juan Miguel, and consultant Mary Melinoe







Date of Collection

April 13, 2013


A bifurcated artifact that embodies all that the Homestuck fandom is.


Two disks, one marked with a green Spirograph, the other marked with the Sburb Beta logo. Both are sealed in brown disk envelopes.


The exact circumstances of their creation is unknown, but somehow, these blank disks absorbed the Homestuck fandom's desire to play Sburb


A pair belongs to Agent Aden Taylor and Consultant Juan Miguel, as the original source of their powers. These are widely regarded as the originals. Every year prior to the Von Dichi incident, they hand-delivered the disks to each-other. The most recent exchange was only a month prior to the incident.

Several other similar pairs exist in the careful care of other God Tiered people, who either protect them carefully, or give them to Mary when she arrives to make sure they stay in line.


Each disk generates one part of a Sburb Session, typically one-half. Bringing its partner into range (two feet) the disks will consider the session ready to activate.

Completing the session will grant the user near-divine abilities. Failure to succeed results in death.

Fandom statusEdit

Global size; Stability unknown. Usage is NOT Recommended, even when the fandom is stable.

Storage and HandlingEdit

Stored in the Dark Vault on the same podium.

Neutralizer gloves and goggles are mandatory. If removed from the field, place both pairs into the same neutralizer box to prevent accidental activation. Agents Aden Taylor and Arthur Neilson are the only two at present allowed to handle these artifacts.

Due to the Homestuck comic's ending, the disks have calmed enough to be stored in the Convention Aisle with the other Homestuck artifacts, with which they emit a calm steady aura.


  • This is a bifurcated artifact, therefore both must be neutralized if even one becomes active.

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