Sheut Statuette
Egyptian - Standing Statuette of Sa-Hathor - Walters 2261
The Sheut is your impact on the world, your "shadow".






Reveals how big an impact on the world the user has left in their life


Knowledge may drive user insane


Physical contact and utterance of the word Sheut

Collected by

Agent Aden Taylor



Date of Collection

Spring 2013


An ancient Egyptian Soul artifact


A three inch tall statuette of a generic human, colored dark gray.


Although the exact circumstances are unclear, it has been confirmed that this artifact is indeed as old as the ancient Egyptian culture.


Aden Taylor collected it personally while on a mission for another artifact that had brought someone back to life. He made contact with the Ba artifact and accidentally activated it, revealing his almost completely pure soul. He promptly purchased it, along with its companions, including the Sheut, and bagged them.


When activated, it shows the user how much of an impact the user has left on the world. However this may drive the person insane. If used in conjunction with Philip Van Doren Stern's Upholstery Brush, the person will be able to see what life would be like if they didn't exist, without the brush removing them from existence in the process.

BONUS ABILITY: In case a person loses their soul, this artifact can use that person's shadow to re-forge their soul. However, they will no longer be able to cast a natural shadow.


The Sheut is a person's shadow, or impact on the world. Since everyone leaves some impact on the world no matter how small, they will always have this. This fact may also be the origin of the phrase "To be in someone else's shadow."

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