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Snow White's Apple


The poisoning of "Snow White"


Red Apple


Puts victim(s) into a coma when eaten


After 24 hours of activation it will lethally use victim(s) life energy to heal itself.


Eating the apple

Collected by

Agent Damon Moon



Date of Collection




The apple was created between the mid to late 17th Century. In 1729, Maria Sophia Margaretha Catherina von Erthal (the real "Snow White") was born. After her mother died when she was 8, her father married a woman named Claudia Elisabeth von Reichenstien. When Maria turned 17, her stepmother started being hostile towards her. Jealous of her stepdaughter's beauty and that she would inherit her father's riches, Claudia poisoned Maria with an apple. The apple is what inspired the Brothers Grimm to think of the fairytale.


The apple was snagged for The Warehouse when guests at a political banquet all fell into a coma. 24 hours later, all the guests died. The apple could've gotten away with it, but Warehouse 13 Agents finally realized that the guests were affected when they ate the dessert, apple cobbler.

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