State vs. Bonner Cap Gun
I could tell by looking at it, using common sense, you know, that, you know, this gun doesn't look real. But that's something that I couldn't say for sure


Andre Bonner/State vs Bonner case


Toy cap gun


When fired, the target that the gun is pointed at feels the impact of a bullet hitting it. The force cannot penetrate human flesh though.


Induces a short temper in the victim


Firing the gun

Collected by








Date of Collection



1995: Fifth Third Bank, OhioEdit

The toy gun in question was used during a bank robbery in Ohio committed by Andre Bonner. He used the gun to threaten a cutomer. The interesting part of this was that during the court case, the cap gun was declared a 'deadly weapon' despite not event being real. The closest the gun even came to harming someone was when Bonner hit a man with his fist.

Evidently, this gun wanted to live up to the 'deadly weapon' title bestowed upon it, but unfortunatly since it didn't cause any physical harm during the robbery, the gun was only able to force the impact of a bullet.

Today: WarehouseEdit

When H.A.R.P. consultants Tyler Lepdio, Bri Rependata, and Matt Sordens began to experience the downsides of certain artifacts they carried regularly (Tyler was over competitive, Bri was suffering from severe mood swings, and Matt was in need of dominance), they were forced to trade in those artifacts for new ones.

Still not having acess to a tesla of his own, Tyler found the State vs Bonner Cap Gun across the aisle from the NERF Recon Prototype and found that it was actually a step up.

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