Steve Bolander's '58 Chevy Impala
58 chevy impala


Ron Howard/Steve Bolander - American Graffiti


1958 Chevy Impala


If one were to sit in the car, they will feel the nostalgia of the early 60's, though if they stay in the car for a long period of time then the nostalgia will slowly feel like it's real.


Staying in the car for a long period of time then the nostalgia will slowly feel like it's real. If they allow the effects to take over, they will begin to dress like the character from the movie and act like the time is back in that era. If the artifact is not neutralized, the effects are permanent.


When in the artifact's aura/getting into the vehicle.

Collected by

Artie Nielsen





Date of Collection




This is the '58 Chevy Impala that was driven in American Graffiti.


Artie has made sure that steps were taken for no one to fall victim to this artifact. The wheels have a special boot placed on them infused with goo, and they have a light hovering over them like it is in the Dark Vault. There is a note stating that if all four cars are placed together, then anyone who enters any vehicle will become the character's of the film and reenact it. So each car is place in different sections in the Transportation section as a floor piece.

Each car has been replaced with an exact replica in real life, so no one can tell the difference.

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