Table Top Fiasco Dice


Wil Wheaton


8 white dice & 8 red dice


When rolled for an outcome, the difference between the total of the white dice and the total of the red dice represent the outcome of the situation, higher the better.


When rolled, the four players at the table are forced to suffer the consequences of Wil Wheaton's 'Saturday Night 78'


Rolling all 16 dice

Collected by

Tyler Lepido







Date of Collection



July 13th, 2012: TableTopEdit

While the dice were used before in episodes of Wil Wheaton's TableTop, they didn't gain their power until Geek & Sundry uploaded the two-part TableTop episode of Fiasco, seen here.  The dice took in the story and the fates of the characters at the table.  

Eddie O'Malery was forced to lose his nightclub and wife to an insurance fire gone wrong, Betty Cappozi died after a disco ball crushed her legs and she was engulfed by flames, Marty Spano barley escaped the fire, but was arrested by the police for arson, and Lily Anastaia got away with the drugs and money and made it to Hollywood.

Today: Comic-ConEdit

After reports that actress Allison Haislip, who had roleplayed Betty, was almost crushed by a chandiler, Tyler got to work online and challenged Wil Wheaton for the dice over a game of Munchkin.  Being victorious, Wheaton reluctantly said to meet him at his booth at Comic-Con.

After the entire H.A.R.P team collected the artifact, they ran headfirst into The Guild Artifacts...

Moths Shall Play episode: 0302 'Conventional Matters'Edit