In realization that some users may need to be kept in line, Admins Affectos and Per Ankh came to the agreement that there should be a place where they can store the weapons they use in banning in safety, hence the Ban Rack was born.


Found almost right outside the Bronze Sector, the Ban Rack is a series of hermetically-sealed lockers that the Admins can get their Ban Weapons out in case of usage.  It also serves as a reminder to any who pass by that should they disobey, that they may feel the wrath of these arms.

Current ArtifactsEdit

  • Affectos's Naginata-used to induce a 'Full Bronzing'
  • Affectos's Macuital-used to induce a 'Temporary Bronze'
  • Affectos's Stilleto-used to induce a 'Adminitrated Leave'
  • Draco's Ball of String, gets the complete attention of the banned, not allowing them to focus on anything else. Put it in a sealed room for an effective and amusing temporary ban.
  • Per Ankh's Ban Bow: A bloodsoaked Dragon bone bow which fires arrows of red light that instill bans on those struck. NEVER misses.
  • Per Ankh's Rollback daggers - A pair of ornate long knives, one straight and one curved. The curved knife undoes vandalism, while the straight issues a ban or warning.
  • Scalec's Grimmorie - Inside is a list of incantations that can, for varying degrees of time, depending on potency, banish anyone. 
  • The Ban-Hammer - the traditional Banning weapon, anyone hit by it is banned for the length of time dictated by the wielder.

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