While perhaps a bit of a controversial artifact, Agents who retrieved this artifact seemed to have one heck of a time retrieving it.

The Breeder's Informational Book of Living Examples
The prop master had two of the books made for the movie, both are shown here. The Artifact is the smaller of the two.


'The Big Gay Musical'


Bamboo-colored Book


Being around the book suppresses homosexual feelings, and overall makes everyone act 'straight'


Increasingly strong undercurrents of homosexual feelings will begin brewing in the affected's psyche, and, unless the repressive power of the book is removed, will cause numerous stress-related diseases until the affected are driven insane or die


Being in the presence of the book

Collected by

Agent Calecer, Agent Donovan, and Agent Jinks



Date of Collection

February 22nd, 2013



The Big Gay Musical is a 2009 musical-comedy film about the two principle actors of an off-Broadway musical entitled Adam and Steve: The Way God Made Them as they ready for opening night as well as navigate some of the harder aspects of being gay men - coming out to parents, and finding a partner. The story within a story aspect, interestingly enough, seems to mirror these two men's lives - one character in the musical is surrounded by extremely religious, conservative family, while the other just wants to find someone to spend his life with. During the first half of the play, a rewritten Genesis is played out, where after God banished Adam and Eve from his garden, created Adam and Steve (as it was Eve's fault that His first batch disobeyed him). As the story goes, Eve, angry at being cast out of Eden and replaced by such happy people, wrote the Breeder's Informational Book of Living Examples in order to teach future generations to hate the gays (Coincidentally losing her younger son in the process, when Cain, whom she'd taught that homosexuals were evil, killed his brother for singing a show tune).


When a recently very successful Religious Deprogramming School (The Foundational School of Righteousness) had several of it's occupants go insane or die, Agents Jinks, Donovan, and Calecer went undercover to investigate. Though a grating time for all of them, they suspected the Headmaster, the Head Doctor, or a particularly stingy English teacher of using some sort of artifact on the students to keep them in what appeared to be way too good of a 'straight' line. However, eventually Agents Jinks, then Calecer, and then Donovan all fell under the effects, and their increasingly poignant manifestations of stress (irritability, guilt, and panic at the slightest insinuation) made the investigation slow going for all three of them.

Luckily, a lucky break and clever deduction skills lead them to the school's display case, and where the school Bible was supposed to be was a similarly-looking book. Opening the book revealed a script entitled The Big Gay Musical. Just as Steve was doubling over from a nasty migraine, Sandy neutralized the book. 

It seemed one of the more daring students had purchased the prop online and switched it out with the real Bible, as an ironic subtle rebellion against her oppressive environment, unaware of the artifact's effects. Thankfully, due to what dirt they were able to dig up during their time spent at the school, Warehouse Agents were able to give interested authorities evidence of some of the more cruel methods of persuasion that school implemented. The Foundational School of Righteousness is now under full investigation. 

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