The Restricted Chamber is a secret section of Warehouse 13 that houses Artifacts that most Agents don't know are in The Warehouse. The only classified Warehouse employees allowed in the Chamber are The Regents, The Caretaker, The Custodian, The Technician, and possibly selective other personnel (if they get clearance from The Regents). Artifacts stored here are considered too dangerous to be in the normal shelves or the Dark Vault, either because of the potential for catastrophic misuse or an inability to safely contain the effect.

Each artifact is stored in a 6x6x10 cell which is sealed and suspended over a fifty foot drop. For smaller artifacts, there is a wall of safe deposit boxed with multiple locks secured by both a retinal and fingerprint scanner as well as a keypad with a 12-digit password that changes biweekly, new passwords having to be obtained from a different Regent every shift.

Artifacts in StorageEdit

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