Theresa Berkley's Dominatrix Whip
Whip transp
Her instruments of torture were more numerous than those of any other governess...she had shafts with a dozen whip thongs on each of them; a dozen different sizes of cat-o'-nine-tails, some with needle points worked into them; various kinds of thin bending canes; leather straps like coach traces; battledoors, made of thick sole-leather...


Theresa Berkley


Leather whip


When a woman holds whip and a male comes into direct skin contact while it is held, the person who touched it is automatically under the holder's control.


Those under control will eventually bleed to death as if struck continuously by the whip. Holder of the whip will become mad and enthralled with the power.


Holding by a woman and contact by a male.

Collected by

Consultant Nikki Nola







Date of Collection



19th century: Hallam StreetEdit

Theresa Berkley was known amongst the aristocracy to provide a...'service' of sorts, a service that consisted of what is known today as BDSM. Specializing in flagellation, Berkley was noted for her collection of whips and switchcanes, but this was was known to be her favorite.

The whip took in its masters dominating qualities as well as her enjoyment over it. The more it was used, the more that the whip was able to force sexual dominance over all that it struck.

Today: UnivilleEdit

Thinking that she was finally going to have a quiet day off from the Warehouse, a package arrived for H.A.R.P. Consultant Bri Rependata. Opening it, she came into contact with the handle, sparking the whip's powers that had laid dormant for so long. With the mindset of a dominatrix pumping through her veins, she decided to meet fellow Consultant Tyler Lepido for 'lunch'...

After the other H.A.R.P. Consultants were alerted to Bri's activites, they managed to nuetralize the whip before Tyler could bleed to death. Three main things came out of this incident: A) their enemy Mikolaj Tomaszewski knew where to find them; B) despite their downside reduction abilities, all four consultants are still vanurable to extremely powerful artifacts; and C) Nikki now has pictures that she can use to blackmail Tyler if ever needed...

Later in Univille:Edit

Currently, Bri has been able to overcome the downside and uses the whip in the field.  She has still yet to get past the leather fetish though, as seen when she and Tyler went to collect Terri-Jean Bedford's Leather Bondage Straps from Milan.  Her joking wound up causing the artifact to bind to Tyler for several hours.


  • To clarify, the whip can be used by anyone who identifies as female on anyone who identifies as male, biological sex aside.

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