Timo Pitkämö's Sparkler


Timo Pitkämö




Sets things alight when touched. If it is held on the object, the object will ignite in a similar fashion to a sparkler. Can also be used to burn messages in walls, trees, the ground etc.


Touching a spark whilst lit results in an expanding, corrosive burn. Gloves are highly recommended.


Must be touching an object and have skin contact from a human

Collected by

Artie Nielsen/James McPherson



Date of Collection

July 4, 1983



Timo Pitkämö, and his partner Tobias Kipp are proffesional pyrografter's who developed the technique of pyrografie in 1999. This literally means using sparklers to burn portraits onto paper.


It has the appearance of an innocent child's sparkler, but gives off a more volatile and dangerous flame. If a spark touches human skin, It literally burns away at the skin corrosively. When it touches inanimate objects, it can either ignite them like a sparkler or burn messages into the surface.


The sparkler was sought out after a pyrotechnician blew up 7 crates of fireworks at a Fourth of July show by resting his hand on the sparkler. He was severley burnt and nearly lost his life due to being the human component in the sparkler's activation. Was later found and collected by Artie Neilsen and James MacPherson.

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