Transversal Hotel Key




Hotel Key


Transports the user to any other door with a lock


Will sometimes move the user to the wrong destination


Inserting the key into a lock and either

Collected by

Mr. Stall







Date of Collection




It is not known how the hotel key came to be, it just winds up being used until it just decides to leave its owner by taking them somewhere they do not want to go and then be picked up by someone else.


This artifact just randomly appeared one day to Mr. Stall at his home when someone came from the closet and collapsed near him out cold. He took care of the man's personal effects, which included the key and a bag, and had to wonder how the man got into his house since he knew no one could enter it except through the front door. While he waited for the man to wake up, Mr. Stall got the urge to try the key, and after realizing it could fit in the front door's door knob, he suddenly found himself on the west coast. He quickly returned to the man and woke the guy up and found out the man was on the run from the mob after stealing the key and somehow the key took him to Mr. Stall's house. So, Mr. Stall took care of the small mob after he realized that the mob specialized in finding and using artifacts, and manage to take the few artifacts that the group had before leaving. He then called the police and had the mob arrested.

Now sometimes Mr. Stall uses the key, but rarely, and the key seems to give off a feeling like it will be staying with him for a long time.

Right now the Key can be found in the Personal Effects Storage if not being used. But when Mr. Stall does not use this artifact anymore, it will return to its shelf and aisle in the Warehouse.


This artifact allows the user to travel to any place they can think of, as long as the door on the other side they are going through has a lock. It can also reshape itself to fit in any lock. The key has a trickster personality attached to it, as if one were to clearly picture where they want to go, they sometimes wind up somewhere else instead.

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